How much do you love Superman? Enough to shell out $129.95 for an eight-disc set of just about every Superman-related film ever?

A new Blu-ray anthology set comes out June 7, featuring all four Christopher Reeve films, a director's cut of 'Superman II,' 'Superman Returns,' and a disc full of just extras, in addition to the extras featured on the other discs.

What else do you get for that hefty price tag?

Besides 20 hours of commentaries, deleted scenes and making-of features galore, you also get several vintage cartoons, including several WB entries from the '40s like "Snafuperman' and 'Stupor Duck.' And last, but not least, the 1958 pilot for a TV series called 'The Adventures of Superpup.'

Many of these features are already available on DVD, but, according to Topless Robot, this set is likely to be the only way to get the non-Richard Donner cuts of 'Superman II,' III or IV on Blu-ray.

What do you think, is this worth your hard-earned cash? Do even diehard Man of Steel fans need to own the much-hated comedic turn to the dark side, 'Superman III' or the series killer, 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace?' A full list of features after the jump.