Yup, in case you didn't know, today is April 1, aka April Fools' Day. This is a day that divides us in two -- from the people who play along and laugh off the foolish holiday, to the people who get really angry and annoyed at the people playing jokes because they're, like, stupid and immature and not ultra-serious all the time.

While you decide which April Fools' Day fan (or non-fan) you are, we just wanted to take a moment to point out the funny gags ThinkGeek unveiled today. The company is known for their creative April Fools' merchandise pranks, so much so that one of their older pranks -- the Tauntaun sleeping bag -- was so popular that ThinkGeek actually created the real thing a year later. Will the same happen for 2011?

Perhaps with their Star Wars–related Lightsaber Popsicles (a pretty neat idea, for sure - check out video after the jump), though something tells us their De-3D glasses -- which turn annoying 3D images back into comforting 2D images -- won't catch on as fast (though we admit it's hilarious). Check out all the fun merch jokes they unveiled today over on the site and let us know your favorites (we're especially diggin' the Super 3DBoy iPhone System and Playmobil Apple Store Playset).
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