With a summer season looking to be stuffed to the bursting point with geeky goodness, 'Green Lantern' often feels dangerously close to being lost in the shuffle. Aside from the controversial costume reveal and a now 5-month-old trailer, things have been pretty quiet on Warner Bros.' end. After all, 'Thor' just debuted its 857th poster -- where is 'Green Lantern'?

In a move that feels like a very loud "You want some 'Green Lantern'? Here's some 'Green Lantern'!", a slightly shorter version of the 'Green Lantern' footage that recently played at WonderCon has made its way to Apple Trailers for your viewing pleasure. Whether you like what's on display here or not, it's obvious from the get-go that this movie has something that most of this summer's releases seem to lack: a truly epic sense of scope.

Click that link to check it out!
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