WonderCon kicked off its second day with a movie panel dedicated to 'Cowboys & Aliens,' a sci-fi/western directed by Jon Favreau ('Iron Man') co-starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Neither Craig nor Ford were in attendance, but screenwriter Roberto Orci ('Star Trek') was on hand to moderate a two-man panel (including himself). After dispensing with the obligatory thanks to the WonderCon audience, as well as mentioning 'Iron Man's' debut three years ago to positive feedback at WonderCon, Favreau briefly described the premise (explicit in the title), his interest in the project (the cowboys and aliens of the title again), and, after giving a shout out to he 'Green Lantern' footage con-goers saw last night, debuted nine minutes of 'Cowboys & Aliens' footage,.

The footage began with the appearance of Craig's character, Jake Lonergan, shot from behind as he rides a horse over a hill and into a seemingly deserted farmhouse or homestead. Lonergan meets the farmhouse's owner, Meacham (Clancy Brown). Initially, Lonergan claims he can't recall his name, how he got there, and how he obtained a futuristic-looking bracelet. The scene quickly shifts to a scene introducing Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford), roughly interrogating a ranch hand about the mutilated cattle under the ranch hand's care. Shifting again, the scene takes us to Lonergan's arrest, imprisonment, and Dolarhyde's attempt to remove Lonergan from the prison by force (the two men have a history, apparently), before an alien ship (or ships) attack, sending Dolarhyde's men and the townspeople scrambling for cover. Lonergan saves the day (actually night) with the help of his futuristic bracelet.