WonderCon, the annual pre-summer comics and film convention, kicked off Friday in San Francisco. WonderCon's first day is perfect for first-time con-goers or for con-goers hoping to ease themselves into the con experience. The con opens later, the lines are more manageable, the exhibitor's hall actually walkable. Con-goers can check a variety of comic book related panels, including several by the Comics Art Conference, pop-culture academics that take comics and the effects of comics on popular culture, seriously. Many con-goers, however, come to Wonder-Con for the movie panels. Con organizers usually pack the Saturday with five or six (or more panels), but usually save a spot for a summer tentpole for the last Friday panel. This year, the organizers gave 'Green Lantern' (out June 17th, pride of place).

The 'Green Lantern' panel (and the roundtable that followed), however, closed out a long day that began with a roundtable dedicated to 'Hanna,' the action-thriller out next Friday starring Saoirse Ronan and directed by Joe Wright ('The Soloist,' 'Atonement,' 'Pride & Prejudice'). In the roundtable, we delved into Wright's influences (Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, and David Lynch, among others), the script-to-screen process, and his fondness for long takes. Interestingly, it was Ronan who brought Wright into the project, sending him Seth Lochhead's script. Once Wright signed on, he worked bring the script back to Lochhead's original, more ambiguous vision while also making the fairy tale elements more explicit.