The reach of Vanilla Ice knows no bounds. In 1990, "Ice Ice Baby" led his breakout album to become the fastest-selling hip-hop album of all time. The fame led him to a blip in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,' before someone had the bright idea of fashioning the one-hit wonder as the new James Dean in a 'Rebel Without a Cause'-type affair, 'Cool As Ice.' But Marky Mark he was not. The film tanked and Rob Van Winkle disappeared from the spotlight for a while. But he didn't stay dormant.

Over the last 15 years, Rob V has done a little of everything, from creating darker, self-produced music and guesting on a Bloodhound Gang release, to getting arrested a bunch, digging into 'The Surreal Life,' leading home makeovers on an HGTV show, zipping around on 'Dancing on Ice,' a guest gig on 'The New Guy' and pulling out some ice, ice flava for a spoof called 'The Helix Loaded.'

But now he's going mainstream once again, thanks to Adam Sandler.
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