"We're just some nerds who wanted to make a musical," says the Emerson College comedy troupe who recently created a musical version of one of last year's most talked-about horror films, 'The Human Centipede.' A singing narrator opens the show by telling the audience, "... It's a horrifying tale that will make you hold onto your caboose ..." That's because Tom Six's movie is about a gory human chain -- stitched together, ass-to-mouth.

When a German doctor abducts three people so he can transform them into a human centipede for funsies, things get a little wackadoo after he tells them that he wants to actually face-plant them on the booty of the person in front of them ... permanently. It's not a film for everyone, but there were some entertaining performances, including from the doc himself, Dieter Laser.

This musical parody is guaranteed to be more exciting than 'High School Musical,' and it's not often that you get to hear the word "butthole" sung to you, so there's that. You can check out the first part of this song-savvy extravaganza after the jump if you're curious.

And if you're certain that seven clips of songs about rectums is the best way to spend your Tuesday, just head to the official YouTube page.
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The Human Centipede
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