The anticipation for 'The Hangover Part 2' was just kicking into high gear, with the premiere of the film's first full trailer attached to this past weekend's release of 'Source Code.' But the MPAA has caused a major buzzkill by ordering Warner Bros. to pull the trailer from all theaters -- and urging that the prints "need to be destroyed."

JoBlo caught wind of the story when theater owners across the country began receiving the notice from WB within the last 24 hours. We've heard no additional reasoning from the MPAA, but it is worth noting that they did originally approve of the trailer with a non-restrictive green-band rating. Early speculation is that there was a complaint (or multiple complaints) from families who went to see 'Source Code' and were exposed to the 'Hangover' trailer's skirting the non-restricted line with slight profanity and lots of debauchery-filled humor.

Why parents would be taking impressionable, sensitive children to a PG-13 screening of a sci-fi action thriller concerning the last moments of mortality is a whole other question -- especially when 'Hop' was playing right next to it.
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