It takes a bold man to dare to follow in Dudley Moore's footsteps. And "bold" would certainly describe Russell Brand, among many other things. It's hard to think of anyone better suited than Brand to tackle the iconic role of Arthur Bach, the loud, boorish-yet-affable British hero of the 1981 classic 'Arthur.'

Thirty years later, the movie's timeless theme of love versus money still holds water. The updated 'Arthur' stays remarkably true to the original, with a few key exceptions. For instance, rather than a prickly manservant (played by John Gielgud in the original), Arthur has a sharp-witted nanny played by Helen Mirren this time around. Brand and Mirren are an unlikely comedic duo, but they have such great chemistry it's easy to imagine them teaming up again and again.

And instead of having an uptight Daddy and snobby Grandma to please, modern Arthur has a cold-as-ice mother to contend with. Mommy Dearest fears that Arthur's public shenanigans, like crashing his Batmobile on the streets of Manhattan, make her corporate shareholders nervous. To remedy the situation, she proposes that Arthur marry her promising young employee, Susan (Jennifer Garner).
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