Today on indieWIRE: Stephen Root chats with indieWIRE about his 1,000th IMDb credit, Helen Mirren gets frisky, Cannes makes a date with Bernardo Bertolucci and more.

  • indieWIRE sat down withStephen Root, an actor with 1,000 IMDb credits, including a slew of 2011 releases -- 'Rango,' 'Cedar Rapids,' 'Red State' and 'The Conspirator.' "It's been challenging to be able to manage it all," Root said. "When you film so many TV comedy roles -- especially like I did in the '90s, with 'NewsRadio' and 'Seinfeld' or whatever, you get typecast and it was really difficult to break out out that. And in 2000 or so, I really decided to try and do that. But to be able to change casting directors minds was hard, especially with dramatic roles. But I kept pushing, and it eventually paid off a bit."
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