If you're wondering which theater holds the greatest number of teenage girls this summer, it's most likely to be whichever is showing 'Monte Carlo'.

Selena Gomez (known by any Disney Channel–lover for the series 'Wizards of Waverly Place'), and 'Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy star as a trio of friends who travel to Paris for a budget vacation as a much-anticipated reward to themselves for graduating high school. They've saved every penny, only to find themselves not quite in for what they expected.

When Gomez accidentally crosses the path of an obnoxious British heiress, to whom she bares a profound resemblance, the girls find themselves taken up in the arms of profound wealth and luxury. They go with it, and through a strategically orchestrated case of mistaken identity their low-rent vacation becomes a festival of glamour and high-society living. And, of course (because this is a movie for teenage girls who long to be loved for who they are underneath the disguise), there are the Prince Charmings who fall for them.

Opening on July 1, Monte Carlo is directed by Thomas Bezucha, director of the sweet family drama 'The Family Stone,' and produced by Nicole Kidman. Keep reading to watch the trailer.