A group of filmmakers were so disgusted by the specter of yet another Hollywood remake -- in this case, 'Footloose,' due out in October -- they decided to beat Hollywood to the punch.

It's hardly your average remake. Fifty-four directors shot their own versions of 58 different scenes with 33 different Ren McCormacks, 15 different Reverend Moores and 27 different Ariel Moores. 'Our Footloose Remake' starts off nearly the same, with dancing feet as the credits roll, but then things get very different, very quickly.

There's animation, moody black-and-white, scenes played entirely by one actor, and interpretations where everyone is scantily clad and oiled up like bodybuilders. The iconic scene where Ren (Kevin Bacon) teaches Willard (Chris Penn) to dance? Now it's a two-player videogame, with an X-rated bonus round.

Watch the entire movie after the cut. Although it's not rated, it's NSFW.
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