'American Idiot,' the 2004 Green Day album that gave rise to the Broadway musical
of the same name, is about to spawn yet another form of entertainment: a movie.

Universal Studios is in talks to turn the one-act musical into a feature film directed by Michael Meyer, who directed the Broadway show. The screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who recently wrote 'J. Edgar,' the Clint Eastwood movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the controversial FBI head, has been tapped as a possible screenwriter. Black won an Oscar for his script for 'Milk.'

In 'American Idiot,' songs from Green Day's blockbuster album are strung together to tell the story of three angry young men growing up in the suburbs. Producing partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman optioned the show before its opening a year ago. They've had some success with pop-to-musical-to-Hollywood transformations, having previously produced the Universal version of the Broadway musical 'Mama Mia!' based on the songs by Abba.