Courteney Cox

It's been 11 years since the last installment of Wes Craven's genre-redefining 'Scream' franchise hit screens, and time has been kinder to some of its stars than others. Though Neve Campbell has been out of the spotlight of late, the slasher series' other leading lady is enjoying the kind of career longevity that would put Gale Weathers to shame.

Back in 2000, when 'Scream 3' was released, Courteney Cox was already a household name, thanks to her memorable role as Monica Gellar-Bing in 'Friends,' but over a decade later she hasn't ventured far from her prime-time roots. She currently stars in ABC's 'Cougar Town,' the Wednesday night comedy from 'Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence.

Earlier this month, Moviefone sat down with Cox to discuss the "high school reunion" vibe of returning to the franchise that brought her big-screen recognition; the personal challenges of updating 'Scream 4' for a new generation; and why the best investment you can make this year could be an empty paint can. Light spoilers ahead.