Relax, you guys: 'Honey 2' is here. Finally. (Well, the trailer, at least.)

Surely you recall the 2003 uplifting dancing-solves-everything film 'Honey,' right? Starring Jessica Alba and featuring Mekhi Phifer and Romeo, it told the story of Honey Daniels (Alba), a tough, Harlem-born young woman whose dancing prowess leads her to fame and love. She soon sees everything she cared for snatched away, but, of course, her aforementioned dancing prowess saves and redeems her in the end. Or something.

Anyway, the trailer for 'Honey 2' is below. Check it out to see this flick's heroine, Maria Ramirez (Katerina Graham, from TV's 'The Vampire Diaries'), who seems to work at Honey Daniels' old studio. There's also an all-too-brief appearance by Mario Lopez, which should keep your eyes glued to the monitor.

The producers were lucky enough to retain 'Honey' director Billie Woodruff, so you can be sure the film's heart is in the right place.