In 1996 the phone rang, Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker was terrorized, and the horror world received a much needed revitalization. It was the mainstream gateway drug to cinematic thrills and gore, a fest of bloody, meta-comedy that explained the rules of the death game and thrived on a passion for all things horror.

It was also a trilogy of diminishing returns. While the three films each made roughly the same amount at the box office, the sequels played out like many do -- each a paler, less thrilling version of the last. And though the third film wiped away much of the love Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven brought to the world of Woodsboro, word hit in 2007 that a new installment/potential reboot was on the way.

Along with the cacophony of complaints about remakes, a more important questioned loomed: Wiping away the fan discontent and how much Sidney Prescott's story had already been run into the ground, could it possibly live up to the original -- not only with laughs, but with thrills?