Oh, thank God. It's been two days and we haven't talked about 'The Hangover Part 2.' I'm glad we're back on schedule.

If we're not spoiling a "surprise cameo" six months ahead of time, or documenting the vague reasoning behind pulling a vaguely inappropriate trailer, let's talk about how the director of notoriously raunchy comedies can't seem to make a dry, slightly subtle joke without a lot of controversial criticism.

It all started when director Todd Phillips was doing one in a looooong line of promotional interviews for his upcoming R-rated comedy. Seeking to break the monotony of still being asked about Mel Gibson, Phillips joked that he got the capuchin monkey sidekick of Zach Galifianakis addicted to cigarettes for a scene in the movie and was now being harassed by PETA. It was a simple joke meant to garner a laugh. However, using the "If I read it on the Internet, then it must be true" principle, everyone actually got mad at him for something that didn't happen.
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