Although he's directed himself in his last several films, don't look for Sylvester Stallone's directorial credit on the follow-up to his comeback hit 'The Expendables.'

Stallone nixed rumors that he'll take the director's chair again and is drawing up a list of suitable people to call the shots instead. No word about who's on the short list, but it might include Walter Hill, the veteran action director of '48 Hours,' the helmer behind Stallone's next film, 'Headshot,' or even Renny Harlin, who directed Stallone in 2001's 'Driven' and could use his own movie comeback right about now.

For 'The Expendables' sequel, Sly is also lobbying to get Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis to reprise their roles (both made cameos in the first film) and to recruit even more action heroes this time around.

Although the film boasted an impressive lineup of macho men including Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li Jesse Ventura, Stallone reportedly also had several other action icons in mind for his gung-ho guy epic, including Jean Claude Van Damme, Kurt Russell, 50 Cent and Danny Trejo. Perhaps some of them will be able to make it for round two.

[Via Deadline]
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