When comedian Rob Delaney tweeted "2 older women who give me major boners are Helen Mirren & Madea," it signaled the beginning of a week of Tyler PerryTwitter-mania.

The 'Madea' movies are perfect material for Twitter mockery, and this Friday, 'Madea's Big Happy Family' will add to the seemingly never-ending series of 'Madea' films by mogul/actor/writer/director Tyler Perry. Perry also has a Twitter account (@tylerperry), which he uses sporadically to promote his films.

Twitter is usually a cesspool for pop culture jokes anyway, but there's been a recent boon in 140-character quips about Perry's 'Madea.'
Madea's Big Happy Family
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Madea (Tyler Perry) takes charge when her niece (Loretta Devine) receives a distressing diagnosis. Read More