John C. Reilly
's had a pretty broad career, from silly comedies like 'Step Brothers' to Oscar-winning musicals like 'Chicago.'

His new movie 'Terri' is quirky, indie fare, not unlike 2010's 'Cyrus.' In 'Terri,' Reilly stars opposite the hefty Jacob Wysocki as a high school guidance counselor. In 'Cyrus,' Reilly played the hefty Jonah Hill's new stepfather.

But the 'Terri' trailer shows that's where the similarities to 'Cyrus' end.
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Based on 38 critics

Seven years after his divorce, John (John C. Reilly) has given up hope that he will find love again.... Read More

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Bullied and withdrawn, a large teen (Jacob Wysocki) finds a support system with other school misfits... Read More