We'll spare you the "gilly weed" jokes.

Buzzfeed posted a picture of what looks like 'Harry Potter' actor Rupert Grint smoking from a bong. The photo was supposedly taken at a 'Potter' cast party.

The picture's been making the rounds on the Internet lately, with some devoted fans claiming it's not him.

If it is Grint, it's not shocking. With the 'Harry Potter' film franchise coming to a close soon, the young actor's been itching to shed his Ron Weasley role in favor of darker, more adult fare.

In 2009, for instance, he starred in the film 'Cherrybomb' about a trio of teenagers into drugs and sex.

"Being in Harry Potter was obviously amazing, but I want to move away from the whole Ron Weasley thing now," he told Britain's Daily Star in February.
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