From ComicsAlliance: It was only because of a recent twist of fate that the Hulk found himself watching 'Eat, Pray, Love' the other night, prompting the green goliath to pen a furious yet uncommonly thorough 7,000-word analysis of the Julia Roberts film that has laid waste to so many before him. Writing on 'FILM CRIT HULK! HULK BLOG!,' in a piece entitled, "HULK WATCH EAT, PRAY, LOVE FOR YOU A**HOLES," the Hulk said he felt that author/main character Elizabeth Gilbert was "LARGELY CRITICIZED FOR WRONG AND ODDLY SEXIST REASONS," and that he was compelled to articulate, insofar as the incredible Hulk can articulate anything, why 'Eat, Pray, Love' is so awful and why its creator seems to suffer from "CRIPPLING SELF-CENTERED-NESS."

Based on the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert and directed by Ryan Murphy, 'Eat, Pray, Love' is the story of a 30-something American woman who initiates a divorce from her husband before taking a year-long journey around the world to complain about everything in a breathtaking expression of so-called "white people problems." At least, that is how the Hulk characterizes the film.

Horribly disfigured and cursed with endless rage as a consequence of a gamma radiation explosion, the Hulk began his treatise by noting that he is not against "chick flicks."
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