From PopEater: NBC's hour-long season finale of 'The Office' is looming (May 19), and Michael Scott's job is still up for grabs. Now, reports that Jim Carrey will join the roster of guest stars playing various candidates who want to follow in Steve Carell's footsteps.

In the season finale episode, Carrey will reportedly interview for the Dunder Mifflin gig, even though the series seems to be grooming Will Ferrell to run the Scranton branch. However, the Deangelo Vickers character (Ferrell) is not in the season finale, according to 'Office' star John Krasinski.

As the series marks this major crossroads, Carrey will appear in the Carell-free episode along with previously confirmed guests Ricky Gervais, Ray Romano, James Spader, Will Arnett and Catherine Tate.
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