The trailer for Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari's new buddy comedy '30 Minutes or Less' looks like a hilarious tale of two friends and a pizza delivery gone awry. But a closer look reveals echoes of true-life events that had no punch line, according to our friends at PopEater.

Eisenberg plays Nick, a pizza delivery boy who is kidnapped and forced to rob a bank by Dwayne, a criminal played by Danny McBride. Nick only has eight hours to pull off the bank robbery or the bomb Dwayne has strapped to his chest will detonate. Chet (Ansari) gets caught in the process, making for a comedic series of events.

It might be all laughs for Eisenberg, Ansari and the '30 Minutes' crew, but on Aug. 28, 2003, Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man in Erie, Pa., was killed after the bomb strapped to his neck detonated following a bank robbery. The details of the case were so bizarre, it incited a media frenzy.