During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, director Clint Eastwood was asked if his highly anticipated biopic about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover addressed "reports by former FBI employees that Hoover was a cross-dresser and perhaps a closeted homosexual." The director said he was attracted to the screenplay because it "didn't quite go down that road," perhaps implying that Hoover's rumored sexuality might be glossed over in the film.

Now, in an interview with AfterElton, 'J. Edgar' screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 2009 for 'Milk,' has come forward to deny that the film doesn't address the issue. "To think that somehow you're going to a make a movie about somebody like J. Edgar and you're not going to learn what's in his heart, that's just not going to happen in a script that I write," Black said.

In Eastwood's film, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hoover. It has long been speculated that Hoover was intimately involved with his right-hand man and protégé, Clyde Tolson, who will be portrayed by 'The Social Network' star Armie Hammer.
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