Not only is R.L. Stine's latest young-adult spook-a-thon 'It's the First Day of School ... Forever' officially heading to the big screen, but the author tells Moviefone that the script for the adaptation of his novel 'The Sitter' is completed.

'First Day' has been optioned by Gotham Group to be made into a family adventure film. It seems likely, however, that the adaptation of Stine's 'The Sitter' will beat it to the big screen.

"Yes, that story is true," Stein told Moviefone when asked about a 'First Day' film. "I also have an adult movie in the works based on my novel 'The Sitter.' It's called 'The Au Pair' now, and it's being produced by Sam Raimi's company. There's actually a script!"
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