It's rare these days for a screenplay to fetch its writer a seven-figure deal, but if you're last film was the indie hit '(500) Days of Summer' and your pitch includes a royal wedding, it seems you're golden. In the smartest strike-while-the-iron-is-hot news we've heard in a long time, 'Summer' scribes Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber have sold a pitch about a Midwestern girl who travels to the United Kingdom only to fall in love and marry a prince, Deadline reports.

Neustadter and Weber's pitch ignited a bidding war between multiple studios, with Sony Pictures ultimately securing the rights to the script. The film is described as "'Notting Hill' meets 'Meet the Royal Parents.'"

Based on the two movies mentioned, Cinema Blend speculates that the film could "focus on the culture clash between her salt-of-the-earth parents and the stuffy royals." Given how clever '(500) Days of Summer' was, we hope this will be far more than a retooling of Julia Stiles' 2004 rom-com 'The Prince and Me.'
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