What do you get when you mash up two (or more) of Christopher Nolan's best films? The suggestion that Batman exists only in the mind of Christian Bale, and that that insidious idea was planted by the team from 'Inception.' It's the brainchild of themanbatman, who has expanded an earlier version of this elegantly constructed trailer for a film we wish really existed.

This neat bit of editing features Bale as Trevor, the emaciated guy from 'The Machinist' who is told, "You suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, and your condition is getting worse." He's informed there's a new treatment. Enter idea-planter Leonardo DiCaprio, who tells Joseph Gordon-Levitt he's "done this before." (We won't spoil the payoff that follows.)

But DiCaprio might be going mad himself, judging by those clips from 'Shutter Island.' Click to watch the trailer for 'The Batman Complex.'
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