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How much do you know about Wiebo Ludwig? If you're like me –- not much.

Here's some basics: Wiebo and his family live near the gas-rich Peace Valley region of Northern Alberta. His compound holds several families who live off the land and practice a strict religious regiment. He has a big, bushy beard. Pictures of Wiebo Ludwig have been seen in magazines, newspapers, and even on international news broadcasts due to his association with bombings and sabotage related to the oil and gas industry. Some call him an eco-hero, others a terrorist.

Other than a few curious go-getters who have actually dug into the stories of the reverend and his cult-leader status, most people have branded him a religious lunatic or zealot, and left it at that -- but as 'Wiebo's War' shows, that might not be the case.
Wiebo's War Movie Poster
Wiebo's War
In Theaters on 2011

Wiebo Ludwig, a member of a small and isolated Christian community, wages war on the oil and gas industry... Read More