Jeremy Renner, who made a big splash with his starring role in the Oscar-winning 'The Hurt Locker' and then went on to receive smash notices for his role in 'The Town,' has formed The Combine, a production company he will run with partner Don Handfield.

First project in development: A Steve McQueen biopic that Renner will star in. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the screenplay will be based on the two McQueen bios by Marshall Terrill: 'Portrait of an American Rebel' and 'The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon.'

Video director Ivan Zacharias will make his directorial debut on the project.

Renner apparently fancies himself something of a bad boy and a loner (his roles certainly reflect that attitude) so it doesn't seem much of stretch for him to step into McQueen's shoes. What do you think?
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