Hot Docs, North America's biggest documentary film festival, kicks off its 2011 run on April 28 in Toronto. Jam-packed with documentaries running through May 8, Moviefone Canada will be there from start to finish, offering up looks at some of the festival's noted films.

You've probably heard of, known, or are one of those people who take five months of the year to go tree-planting. It's one of those jobs that works its employees hard for a short amount of time. The reward is decent pay and the balance of the year to rest your weary bones.

Take a tree-planting career, put it on steroids and you have the subject of the surprisingly satisfying 'The Lumberfros.' Brush-cutting requires that you be able to wield an industrial-sized weed-whacker, endure staggering heat and fight off swarms of nasty bugs. Many attempt the gig with hopes of big money made in the romantic outdoors, and most leave with their tails between their legs.