Hot Docs, North America's biggest documentary film festival, kicks off its 2011 run on April 28 in Toronto. Jam-packed with documentaries running through May 8, Moviefone Canada will be there from start to finish, offering up looks at some of the festival's noted films.

Every year there are few films at Hot Docs that cut through the pack. 'The Redemption of General Butt Naked' stands as one of the most memorable stories to come out of this year's festival. Despite a giggle-inducing title, there are few laughs in the film. 'The Redemption of General Butt Naked' asks the question: Can one be redeemed through faith, even in the aftermath of committing countless murders and child sacrifice?

The backdrop of this story is the Liberian civil war, a bloody battle that kept its people in fear and misery for 14 years. The most feared group on either side of the conflict was a commando unit known as the Butt Naked Brigade. Lead by Joshua Milton Blahyi, this impossibly vicious man has been attached to human sacrifice, cannibalism, black magic, devil worship, the recruitment of child soldiers and the deaths of 20,000 Liberians. The crown jewel of his mythical status was his lack of clothes when battling the masses, a practice that made him feel invisible and resistant to enemy fire.
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The Redemption of General Butt Naked
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A brutal Liberian warlord named Joshua Milton Blahyi tries to make amends for slaughtering thousands... Read More