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Leonard Lowe: Robert De Niro in 'Awakenings' (1990)
De Niro turns in one of his sweetest and most moving performance as catatonic Leonard, who comes back to life under treatment by Dr. Sayer (Robin Williams). In this clip, he calls the doctor in the middle of the night to convince him to share his newfound enthusiasm.

Leonard Bast: Samuel West in 'Howards End' (1992)
Poor romantic Leonard Bast: His troubles begin when Helen (Helena Bonham Carter) steals his umbrella at a music lecture, then loses his job thanks to her future brother-in-law's bad advice. Reform-minded Helen makes Leonard her special case and then her lover, with tragic results. West didn't make the above-the-title names on the poster, but there's lovestruck Leonard on the poster.

Leonard Shelby: Guy Pearce in 'Memento' (2001)
Please remember to call our favorite vengeance-driven amnesiac by his full name. He corrects dubious pal Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) at 2:17 in this clip when he hails him as "Lenny." In Jonathan Nolan's short story that inspired the film, by the way, the main character's name was Earl. Which seems a little less (wait for it) memorable.

Leonard "Bones" McCoy: Karl Urban in 'Star Trek' (2009)
What 'Trek' fan doesn't know that Bones's little-used first name is really Leonard, as he states in the fan-made Bones tribute vid below. If you prefer the original Leonard (DeForest Kelley), kindly click here.

And a few of our favorites from TV:

Lenny Leonard on 'The Simpsons' (Harry Shearer)
This working schlub actually boasts a Master in Nuclear Physics and is never seen without his best friend Carl Carlson. The sadly banal clip below, in which good friend Lenny mails Homer some uranium, doesn't begin to do justice to their relationship or Lenny's je ne sais quoi.

Leonard "Lennie" Briscoe on 'Law & Order' (Jerry Orbach)
Ahh, Lennie, how we miss your one-liners, your dour assessment of your fellow humans and your dedicated gum-shoeing. But mostly, we miss Jerry Orbach. RIP to a mensch who felt like someone we really knew. Here's his last-ever scene on 'L&O.'

Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter on 'The Big Bang Theory' (Johnny Galecki)
Fans know that this Leonard (like his BFF Sheldon) is named after producer Sheldon Leonard. He's also the most socially deft of his geekish circle, despite his affection for Klingon Boggle. Other than that, he's your average cello-playing, myopic, lactose-intolerant experimental physicist.

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