Hot Docs, North America's biggest documentary film festival, kicks off its 2011 run on April 28 in Toronto. Jam-packed with documentaries running through May 8, Moviefone Canada will be there from start to finish, offering up looks at some of the festival's noted films.

This doc takes the 'Flipper' concept to the next level. 'Dolphin Boy' is the four-year study of a teenager who's reborn thanks to the help of everyone's favorite aquatic friends. At the heart of the drama is a life-threatening conflict that lands 17-year-old Morad in the hospital. Beaten within an inch of his life over a misread text message, the young man is left for dead by his assailants. When he comes to, he can't speak, communicate, or focus on anything.

Enter Dr. Ilan Kutz. The renowned psychologist takes on this troubling case, using all the treatments in his medical toolbox that have been known to help patients suffering from Post-Traumatic Disassociation (PTD). While tests are done and drugs are prescribed, Morad's parents narrate their feelings. Both his mother and father seem distraught from a caring parent point-of-view, but it's Morad's father who views the act as more of a personal insult. He makes an on-camera vow to bring his son back from the abyss, quits his job and takes serious action.