Theater owners across the nation are reacting negatively to plans by Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. to shorten the time frame films run in theaters so they can deliver movies directly to consumers through a video-on-demand service known as Home Premium just 60 days after a movie's theatrical debut.

While studios argue otherwise, the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) believes the move toward a briefer theatrical window will have a negative impact on box office, creates a slippery slope that could lead to no theatrical window at all if it succeeds and will cause theaters across the country to close, according to Variety. Theater owners are now reportedly threatening to cut way back on the showing of theatrical trailers -- a key part of most studios' marketing campaigns.

Regal Entertainment Group theater chain reportedly already has plans to cut 50 percent of all in-theater film trailers from the four studios participating in Home Premiere. The cutback will likely force the studios to increase TV advertising.
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