Today on indieWIRE, Eric Kohn reviews 'The Beaver' and 'Passion Play,' Nigel M. Smith gives us a peek into Adrien Brody's bizarre career moves, Caryn James posts funny things she saw on TV, Sidney Poitier remains a class act, and more.

  • Our lead critic reviewed two films today, 'The Beaver'' and 'Passion Play,' consequently allowing the headline above to write itself. "Cinematically speaking, 'The Beaver' is fundamentally simplistic; it only works because the cast deliver the goods in a few understated scenes. Whenever Killen's script aims higher -- such as the uneven hints of media satire when Black conducts interviews as the beaver with Matt Lauer and Jon Stewart -- its philosophical core starts to become thin," Kohn writes about Jodie Foster's new film. He isn't as kind when it comes to 'Passion Play,' the new film that star Mickey Rourke publicly labeled "a terrible movie" last month: "The reality is that 'Passion Play' has a few good ideas that simply don't hold together. More of a miscalculation than an outright dud, it takes the form of a wildly surreal Western fantasy, something that Chilean madman Alejandro Jodorowsky ('El Topo') could have executed with more rigorous invention."
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