If you thought Disney's 'Pirates'-related merchandise stopped at Captain Jack hats (complete with braided hair), hoodies and plastic swords, you've seriously misjudged their merchandising arm.

Die-hard 'Pirates' fans can shell out for all-new products created just for the new 'On Stranger Tides' film, including a limited edition $500 Hayden-Harnett Handbag.

What exactly do you get for your $500? Something called a "Galleon satchel" that comes in "whiskey" (that's brown to you and me). There's also a slightly more moderately priced purse called the 'Angelica hobo' after Cruz's character, that comes in "cannon" (also known as "black").

Read on for more details on these high-end purses and more pricey 'Pirates' merchandise for the truly discerning (and deep-pocketed) fan, from videogames to Swarvoski jewelry.

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