Audiences are gearing up for the first big blockbuster of the summer, 'Thor,' which hits theaters on Friday, but the brawny, little-known actor who landed the part and is about to become synonymous with the Marvel Comic superhero wasn't even on the director's original shortlist of casting possibilities, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Chris Hemsworth, 27, is earning great reviews for 'Thor,' director Kenneth Branagh's big-screen adaptation of the classic comic, but his 21-year-old brother Liam Hemsworth ('The Last Song') was actually up for the part first.

After poring over possible actors for months, Branagh settled on four to screen test, Liam among them. However, none struck the director's fancy, so he decided to return to square one and reassess some of the actors he'd looked at previously, including Chris. A few interviews, some screen tests, a supportive phone call from a powerful friend and a video audition tape made by his mother later, Chris had the part.
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