The summer movie season kicks off this Friday with the release of 'Thor,' the latest superhero from Marvel Comics to arrive on the big screen. But unlike Tony Stark, Thor is no mere mortal -- he is the Norse God of Thunder. Armed with his magic hammer Mjolnir, he crash lands on Earth, ready to continue his superhuman fight against his evil stepbrother, the God of Mischief known as Loki.

Trying to find an actual human being who can convincingly play a god is a tough casting call, but 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh finally found his son of Odin in Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Outside of a small part in 2009's 'Star Trek' (as Captain Kirk's dad), Hemsworth is an unknown screen presence in the States. With all eyes on him in his first starring role, the young actor is prepping to enter a whole new world of filmmaking as part of the most audacious big-screen superhero project ever, 'The Avengers.'

Hemsworth spoke with Moviefone about how tough it was to bring a comic book superhero to life, navigating show business with his brother Liam, and having his face plastered on Slurpee cups.
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