This weekend's release of 'Something Borrowed,' (based on the bestselling novel) is supposed to be a cheerful romantic comedy for all those audience members not in the mood for another gritty crime drama. But what happens when one of the stars of said romantic comedy -- charming funnyman John Krasinski -- cannot escape his own gritty crime drama past?

For all those fans excited to see Krasinski in a fun, lighthearted romance, you might be shocked to see this before-he-was-famous appearance on 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent.' In the 2004 episode, 'Mad Hops' Krasinski stars as a high school basketball player who may or may not be connected to the murder of one of his teammates. Check out video after the break, if you can prepare yourself for nice guy Jim Halpert looking incredibly shady by lying to the police and assaulting a friend.
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