'Akira,' the long-in-development live-action version of the landmark 1988 anime film and comic book, might finally have a star in Keanu Reeves.

He's been in talks with Warner Bros. to play gang leader Kaneda in the post-apocalyptic classic.

The studio has wooed a wide variety of actors, including James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Pattinson and Michael Fassbender, an Anglo-centric list that has prompted protests from some fans.

Concerns about casting an Asian or Asian-American lead to stay true to the project's Japanese roots and setting might be assuaged with Reeves on board; the Hawaiian-born actor is part Chinese. (The same reasoning that makes it OK -- or not, depending on your point of view -- for Johnny Depp, who's got some Cherokee blood, to play Tonto in the upcoming 'Lone Ranger' film.)
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