Director Neil LaBute and actor Aaron Eckhart ('The Dark Knight') both came to national attention with 'In the Company of Men,' LaBute's searing drama about a misogynist (Eckhart) who, along with a fellow business executive, seeks revenge on all women by ruining the life of an innocent.

The director and actor have worked together several times since, including the 1998 couples drama 'Your Friends & Neighbors' and 2002's 'Possession,' about two scholars investigating the affair of two Victorian poets. Now, LaBute will again direct Eckhart in the drama 'The Geography of Hope,' according to the L.A. Times.

Set in the 1970s, 'Hope' is about two thieves (Eckhart and Ed Harris) who flee to Baja, Mexico, after a robbery goes wrong. In Baja, they meet several women and are torn between their romantic feelings for them and their natural instinct to grift them.
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