Barbra Streisand, Larry Kramer

'The Normal Heart,' playwright/activist Larry Kramer's landmark 1985 play about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, is currently enjoying a Tony-nominated revival on Broadway. Also being revived: the blame war between Kramer and Barbra Streisand over why, to this day, 'The Normal Heart' hasn't made it to the silver screen.

Streisand purchased the film rights not long after the play opened off Broadway in 1985. She had planned to direct and co-star as a sympathetic doctor, but a decade later the film still hadn't been made and the rights reverted to Kramer. Last summer, it was announced that the film would finally be made, with Ryan Murphy (the 'Glee' creator and director of 'Eat Pray Love') directing and Mark Ruffalo starring, but that version is apparently being set aside as well.

Streisand and Kramer's war of words heated up this weekend, in a he-said, she-said article on Entertainment Weekly's Inside Movies blog over whose fault it was that the movie never got made. The war continues with a statement Streisand issued Monday, disputing Kramer's allegations. The outspoken Kramer will likely issue a response of his own, meaning that this quarter-century-old dispute between two of the entertainment world's most prominent gay rights activists won't die down any time soon.
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