Journalist and documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger says he will no longer travel into active combat zones following the death of his friend and 'Restrepo' co-director Tim Hetherington (above), who was killed during a mortar attack while on assignment in Libya.

During a question and answer session following a screening of 'Restrepo' to honor Hetherington at the Hot Docs festival, Junger said that he now knows the pain of losing a close friend during an attack and is unlikely to put himself in a situation that could result in that same pain for his friends or family. "I'm 49. I've made my peace with almost getting killed," Junger said (via the Hollywood Reporter). "What I didn't realize, and what I've now experienced, is losing someone close to me."

'Restrepo,' about a platoon stationed in the deadliest region of Afghanistan, garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. Junger and Hetherington were on assignment in the Korengal Valley for Vanity Fair for a year, and the video they recorded to document their experience became the basis for 'Restrepo,' named after the outpost where Junger was embedded. The film won the Grand Jury Prize for a best domestic documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.
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