The makers of 'Bridesmaids' insist that it's not just another chick-flick comedy about a wedding. Rather, they say, it's a satire about female friendship. If that's so, then 'Bridesmaids' is a rarity, since few movies actually explore friendship among women.

Movies about male friendship are common, but women are apparently just supposed to be arm candy in mainstream films. Hollywood barely knows what to do with one well-rounded female character in a movie, let alone two or three or four. The famous Bechdel Test looks for movies that have a) at least two prominent female characters b) who have a scene together, where they talk c) about something other than a man. It's disappointing, but probably not surprising, how few movies pass the Bechdel Test.

At Moviefone, we could think of only a couple dozen movies that pass the test and are primarily about friendship between women. We didn't count romantic comedies (just because the heroine has a best galpal who gives her bad advice doesn't mean it's a movie about female friendship), movies where friendship blossoms into same-sex romance, movies where the women fight over a man, or movies about friends who aren't really friends at all but are actually backstabbing enemies. We wanted to find movies about women who actually support each other, the way male friends in movies tend to do. Here are 15 of the best female buddy movies. Let us know if we left any of your favorites off the list, or if you think 'Bridesmaids' deserves a place in this procession.
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