From PopEater: Reversing course to avert a trial, Lindsay Lohan is expected to plead no contest in her grand theft case on Wednesday, a move that would keep her out of jail and put the star back on course to revitalizing her career.

Not that she'll actually show up to court, though. Lohan is not required to appear at this hearing because her charge -- swiping a necklace from a store -- was reduced last month from a felony to a misdemeanor. Judge Stephanie Sautner did determine that Lohan violated her 2007 probation from a DUI arrest and sentenced the star to 120 days in jail.

She spent only a few hours inside after her lawyer, Shawn Holley, filed a notice of appeal for the four-month jail sentence. No further action on the appeal was ever taken.

At the time, Judge Sautner decided not to dismiss the case altogether, saying, "I'm going to give her an opportunity" to prove her innocence in a trial.

The actress recently turned down a pair of plea bargain offers in the theft case.
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