The life of New Jersey boxer Chuck Wepner, who once went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali, inspired Sylvester Stallone to write the inspirational underdog classic 'Rocky.'

Now the heavyweight boxer's life is the basis for another boxing drama, 'The Bleeder,' with Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and 'Mad Men''s Christina Hendricks set to star.

"There's a guy named Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder," Schreiber recently told MTV. "It's this wonderful story of what happened to that guy as a result of his rise to fame. That's the next thing I'd like to do. It's just a remarkable, hilarious film."

Jeff Feuerzeig, who won the 2005 Sundance documentary directing award for 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston,' co-wrote the script with Jerry Stahl and will direct.

'The Bleeder' will mark the first time real-life couple Watts and Schreiber have co-starred since 2006's 'The Painted Veil.'

[via Variety, MTV]
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