The 64th Festival de Cannes and the TV upfronts (where the networks show off their wares to potential advertisers) are keeping Hollywood busy this week. The industry movers and shakers are either out of town or in hiding, so things can be slow in these parts. Still, there's plenty of news from Cannes, as well as a smattering of home-grown deals to call to your attention.

Here's a prestige picture that may just give Matthew McConaugheythe role of his career. According to Deadline, Content Film has acquired 'The Dallas Buyers Club,' starring Hilary Swank and McConaughey, about a Texas electrician named Ron Woodroof who contracted AIDS in 1986 and was given six months to live by his doctors. Since at that time the FDA hadn't approved AIDS treatments, Woodroof illegally smuggled medicine into the U.S. -- and lived another six years. And he made sure that other AIDS victims also got his drugs. McConaughey will play Woodroof. We're talking serious Oscar possibilities here.
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