"A is for Ax, B is for Beheading": not your traditional way to teach the ABCs, but 26 horror directors from around the world will each tackle a segment that will "showcase death in all its strange and brutal beauty."

The directors tapped for the project include Angela Bettis ('Roman'), Jason Eisener ('Hobo With a Shotgun'), Andrew Traucki ('The Reef'), Nacho Vigalondo ('TimeCrimes'), Ti West ('The House of the Devil'),and Ben Wheatley ('The Kill List'). Also sure to cause more controversy: Srdjan Spasojevic, director of the much-protested 'A Serbian Film.'

Each director will be assigned a letter and given the same budget to create bloody mayhem. The stories will be connected with a linking device. The final slot will be awarded to a beginning filmmaker, the winner of a soon-to-be-launched global competition.
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