Some big (and weird) news just dropped in Cannes, folks!

Lars von Trier ('Dancer in the Dark,' 'Melancholia') and Martin Scorsese will collaborate on a sequel to the Danish director's documentary 'The Five Obstructions,' in which von Trier had director Jorgen Leth remake his short film 'The Perfect Human' in five different ways to document the filmmaking process. While there's been no word on what Scorsese will remake, the Hollywood Reporter speculates it could be an early Scorsese short -- perhaps 'The Big Shave' (1968) or 1963's 'What's a Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?' -- or a well-known scene from one of his classic films.

In the original 'Five Obstructions,' von Trier gave Leth strict rules (i.e., obstructions ... get it?) that the director had to follow when remaking his short film. In one take, no edit was allowed to last more than half a second, while other takes had Leth making an anime version of his short and shooting in a slum in Bombay, India.

The obstructions Scorsese will face also remain unclear, but regardless of what the famed director of 'Taxi Driver,' 'Raging Bull' and 'The Departed' is tasked with, it will no doubt be a master class in filmmaking from one of the greatest directors ever.
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